Jay's Remmer Hearing Motion   (check it out)                                                                                                 r

 Jay's 1983 Motion


So I have made available some important motions that were denied
based on lack of law. If you noticed i blocked the doctors names because i value their privacy but i'll tell you this. One was the coroner over an entire state. The second is a doctor/scientist/proffessor. The last is the ENTIRE coroners office of a major city and has awards for meritorious service to the police dept. These doctors do or have put people in prison HOWEVER are not good enough to exonerate
me ? Read the documents and ask how its possible to bar me from getting my own evidence , if i am guilty then what could they lose?
The police once said that getting a lawyer or refusing to talk is an admission of guilt. I say their refusing to turn over evidence or exhaustively investigate is admission of innocence.

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